MK-Mark. More than just a door.

Mk-Mark. More than just a door.

The MK-Mark is more than just a door
This door concept has many advantages:
- Wind resistance and watertightness up to 1200 Pascal
- 100% circular insulation by EverUse®, a unique material of Dutch origin
- Made of MDF Medite Tricoya®
- Noise reduction: from 37 dB(A)
- Heat value: 0,6 U
- 30 minutes fireproof
- Durability class 1
- Single seal; single rubber, easy to implement in an existing frame
- Patented technology
- Cradle-to-Cradle
- 25 year warranty

The new standard. Anything but standard.
The MK-Mark easily withstands every hurricane. The standard for wind resistance and watertightness is 600 Pascal, but the Mark sets a new standard with 1200 Pascal. The MK-Mark is also unrivalled in terms of durability. The patented door concept exists out of certified Cradle-to-Cradle products.

MDF Medite Tricoya®
The MK-Mark door is unique for several reasons. It has a single seal so that existing frames don’t have to be adjusted. The exterior of the door is made of MDF Medite Tricoya®. This is a sustainable wood with an exceptionally long lifespan. That is why we give a 25 year warranty.

EverUse® insulation
The inside of the MK-Mark is also unique, thanks to the 100% circular EverUse® insulation board. This is a firm, resilient cellulose board with very good thermal, acoustic and fireproof properties.

MK-Promax doorsill
The MK-Promax doorsill completes the MK-Mark concept. The smart design of the doorsill contributes to the unrivalled wind resistance and watertightness of the door. The doorsill is also patented.

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